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16-09-2016 11:35:13
Cuba is always in fashion

This told me a Cuban friend and he is right. We all know where Cuba is located, it is very easy to locate on the map. Is it a special country? For one thing or another the name Cuba appears frequently in the headlines or as a conversation piece. Whether to speak in favor or against, nobody is indifferent when read or hear his name. Political and social regime of the island and its belligerent relations with the United States is a breeding ground for initiating a debate that may end up in heated dispute.

Pope Francisco travels around the world, like the President of the United States. Ah, but if you go through Cuba, the news reaches international category. The President Obama in Havana! And also The Rolling Stones in concert at the Ciudad Deportiva. Chanel filled with glamor Paseo del Prado, Marc Anthony filmed with Gente de Zona successful videoclip in Old Havana and even Madonna was allowed to portray in those same streets to finally meet "La Isla bonita". We all want to go to Cuba: some with the slogan "Now you can"; others to catch a glimpse of the Cuba of the Castros. In any case, the goal is the same, meet Cuba closely, smell it, enjoy it. As said writer Leonardo Padura in an interview, the country has become a theme park.

Cuba is not only political and social events. Cuba is much more. Cuban culture is distinguished by its mixture and universality. We all love and we feel good. We have assumed that what is produced or coming from Cuba - cigars, rum, music, dance, painting, art in general - has to be good. And it is no accident, Cuba is a cultural result has merged the best of north, south, east and west. Cities like Santiago and Havana are internationally renowned cultural icons, birthplace of musicians, painters and poets. Since they are guaracha, mambo to cha cha cha, Cuba is rhythm and poetry, Cuba is song. All combined in harmony with the climate, tropical landscapes and ambient noise-the joy that is shared. Visiting Cuba is a great experience.

So it is knowing a Cuban. In any corner of the world there is a reveler and bustling Cuban. And Cubans, though not many, make noise wherever they are. Everyone is proud of its idiosyncrasy. Who has not met a Cuban? It is right, center or left, is Cuban and go. Cuban, without anyone asking, he gives life to your memories, to its roots. Hear him speak is like see and feel inside Cuba, is in the act unleash the desire to fly there. The Cuban has in his voice the best advertising you can find on the island, it is their life.

Cuba and Cuban are symbols of joy and vitality. Therefore, among many things, the name of Cuba remains on the crest of the wave. In Cuba he is laughing, singing and even learn to dance, because as my friend says, there palms dance to.

Miguel Ángel Fraga for

Kiwee Travel
25-08-2016 12:13:11

Cuba is an island with much appeal: beautiful beaches, Colonial cities, Natural Landscapes, people polite and affable. A safe country, quiet and out of terrorist scenarios or conflicts. Undoubtedly an excellent destination for Journey.

Since autumn 2015, thanks to the start of the US / Cuba dialogue, many travelers have thought travel to Cuba "before it changed."

Result: massive increase in tourist arrivals.

The Hotels, as well as Rental cars, they quickly exhausted their availability.
Working with rates that they had not expected that increase.
New Rates 2016/17, as expected, have increased considerably.

If you want to travel to Cuba:
- Schedule your trip well in advance: there is available any Hotel's room or any type of Car Hire.
- Choose the best time to spend less, one in which pay less all!

A brief about the Rates of travel services in Cuba:
Low rates:
September / October 2016
May / June / First fortnight of July 2017
September / October 2017

Averages rates:
July / August 2017
High rates
from November 2016 until April 2017

Several High rates
from December 22, 2016 to January 3, 2017

Kiwee Travel
10-08-2016 11:24:53
But whatever you call the streets of Trinidad?

Often you have an address that you do not find on Google Maps.
It also happens that you have an address with street name in brackets.

In short, it is not so obvious a Trinidad address.


In Trinidad they changed the street names over and over, or to celebrate an event or to celebrate a personality.

Just to get an idea of how much he liked to change names to the streets you read this paragraph from "El Municipio de Trinidad" (

“La calle Nueva se ha nominado Avenida de la Independencia por haber entrado por ella los libertadores el 3 de diciembre de 1898. Hay una calle llamada Narciso López en el plano antiguo, como otra se llamó Carrillo, que recuerdan a ambos gobernadores. A Amargura se le llamó Narciso López por residir en esa calle dicho Gobernador en 1842. Esto dio motivo a la celebración, en forma extraordinaria, del centenario de su mando, Callejón de Peña, conocido por Cantero, tomó su nombre del Gobernador de ese apellido, de triste recordación. La calle Ripalda tomó el nombre del Conde de Ripalda, y es el tramo comprendido desde Real del Jigüe a la Iglesia Parroquial. Roselló fue designada la lomita que va de Alameda a Media Luna, porque, Don Gabriel Roselló, tuvo en ese lugar un establecimiento. Rosario fue llamada Francisco J. Zerquera porque en ella está la casa en que nació este inolvidable educador trinitario. Real del Jigüe tomó el nombre del Jigüe legendario que existió en el lugar esquina a Boca, donde se dijo la primera misa. San Cayetano tenía su salida, atravesando Carmen, hasta los ejidos de la ciudad. Salsipuedes es el callejón que va de Soledad a Jurabaina, de difícil tránsito y salida."

Here is your guide, in part, to the combination of the Trinitarian roads:

Calle José Martí (Calle Jesus Maria)
Calle Camilo Cienfuegos (Calle Santo Domingo)
Calle José Mendoza (Calle Santa Ana)
Calle Ruben Martinez Villena (Calle Real)
Calle Piro Guinart (Calle Boca)
Calle Ciro Redondo (Calle San José)
Calle Antonio Maceo (Calle Gutierrez)
Calle Gustavo Izquierdo (Calle Gloria)
Calle Simon Bolivar (Calle Desengaño)
Calle Fernando Hernandez Echerri (Calle Cristo)
Calle Lino Perez (Calle San Procopio)
Calle Pablo Giron Pich (Calle Guaurabo)
Calle Jesus Menendez (Calle Alameda)
Calle Francisco Javier Zerquera (Calle Rosario)
Calle Anastasio Cardenas (Calle Reforma)
Calle Pedro Zerquera (Calle Aguacate)
Calle Francisco Cadahia (Calle Gracias)

In brackets the ancient names, which are those that use Google Maps

Good walk trough the ancient and cobbled streets of Trinidad!

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