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Created by: Francesco Roman
23-August-2018 04:26:43 PM

Cuba - 1 person - From 18JUL18 to 13AUG18

Still fresh from my umpteenth trip to Cuba, this time with a motorbikes, I feel the need to thank Kiwee Travel for the perfect organization. I recommend to all motorcyclists to plan a trip by motorcycle (with reliable Piaggio MP3), an extraordinary experience, looking for the wonderful nature and Cuban hospitality without thoughts by entrusting reservations to KT, in particular to Luca, whom I thank, precise and without surprises. See you next time!

Created by: Paola NEGRI CESI
06-June-2018 02:14:14 PM

Cuba - 9 persons - From 30APR18 to 16MAY18

We are 9 travelers not really young people (average age about 70 years) and we organized a 15-day trip to Cuba with the support of Luca and Kiwee Travel staff.
Luca listened to us with patience, suggested some changes to the travel program that we had proposed, assisted us in booking and purchasing flights, and proceeded to the booking of everything necessary for our journey: internal transports, car rental, hotels, private homes, as well as ancillary services such as visas, compulsory and optional insurance, etc.
It is very useful and convenient not only to book, but also the payment of almost all services in Cuba.
Everything was done regularly, compatibly with the characteristics of this beautiful country, and at our return we feel like thanking Luca and all of Kiwee Travel for their precious activity.

Created by: Cristina Della Casa
02-May-2018 02:39:26 PM

Cuba - 5 persons - From 06APR18 to 16APR18

A beautiful trip to Cuba. Excellent travel agency to organize a trip in total autonomy.
Excellent B&B, travel between cities by Transfers with friendly drivers.
I thank Luca for his professionalism, availability and sympathy

Created by: Angelo Vai
30-April-2018 02:45:09 PM

Cuba 5 Persons - From 23MAR18 TO 05APR18

Professionalism, availability, friendliness. The ideal triptych for a travel agency. Luca knows the island perfectly and finds the answer to all needs.
The correspondents on the spot are always available and there have never been bad surprises.
A wonderful journey through time, like the '52 Chevrolets that roam the island!

Created by: Sokol Mukaj
30-April-2018 02:43:38 PM

Cuba - 2 Persons - From 08MAR18 to 18MAR18

Easest travel experience and booking with kiwee travel. Everything detailed and explained with comfortable options and various choices of tours and accommodations. If you want to visit Cuba and have a remarkable experience consult with the agency first.

Created by: Daniela Miglietta
15-January-2018 10:08:46 PM

Cuba - 2 persons - from 31DEC17 to 11JAN18 - Cuba Tour

Excellent travel agency to organize a trip to Cuba in total autonomy. Tour organized perfectly and in a very short time according to our requests with selected and good quality buses and private houses. Always available to give support in case of need during the holiday. I absolutely recommend it!

Created by: Gabriela Oliver
15-January-2018 10:07:27 PM

Cuba - 2 persons - From 16JUN17 to 19JUN17 - Car Hire

Excellent assistance via email, we supported for the reservation transparently and quickly, the language barrier was not an impediment.

Created by: Sara Romagnoli
12-January-2018 10:49:01 AM

Cuba - 3 persons - From 18DEC17 to 29DEC17 - Tour Cuba with Driver

a beautiful journey!
excellent organization, nice itinerary, the choice of hotels and B&B, all perfect.
an honorable mention to the wonderful driver-guide, and now friend, José Antonio, who made us feel at home in every situation and explained to us many things about Cuba that, without him, we would never have known.
We will definitely be back!
thanks, Sara

Created by: Francesca Baldelli
12-January-2018 10:47:40 AM

Cuba - 2 persons - From 17AUG17 to 29AUG17 - Tour Cuba

Excellent tips to fully enjoy our wonderful trip to Cuba !!! Very helpful and professional people!

Created by: Daniele Trambusti
12-January-2018 10:46:21 AM

Cuba - 1 person - From 12MAY17 to 22MAY17 - Car Hire

Two trips to Cuba and twice rented the car promptly and professionally. I recommend them

Created by: Federico Salsano
12-January-2018 10:45:04 AM

Cuba - 2 persons - From 02MAY17 to 23MAY17 - Car Hire

I find that Kiwee is an excellent travel agency, Luca immediately puts you at ease and explains well the "anomalies" that relate to that place. The best experience of all.

Created by: Maurizio Monesi
12-January-2018 10:43:26 AM

Cuba - 2 persons - From 28APR17 to 05MAY17 - Tour Cuba

profound connoisseurs of Cuba,
even out of the classic tourist routes. Strongly recommended.

Created by: Baldo Baldelli
12-January-2018 10:42:05 AM

Cuba - 1 person - From 26MAR17 to 05APR17 - Car Hire

Definitely a great travel agency. With kiwee travel I solved the difficult task of Car Renting in Cuba. Staff helpful and resolute.

Created by: Christian POZZI
04-January-2018 08:33:56 PM

Cuba - 1 person - From 24NOV17 to 10DEC17 - Car Hire

Very helpful attitude, I did not have any bad surprise. I recommend to anyone who wants to rent a car for their trip to Cuba, to take a jeep. My Jimny saved us in more situations

Created by: Umberto GIUSTI
04-January-2018 08:32:31 PM

Cuba - 1 person - From 20JUL17 to 02AUG17 - Car Hire

Second trip to Cuba, we were struggling to find a rental car following the usual Internet channels, kiwi travel has very well resolved (despite the difficulties) our need, car as requested and in reasonable time, an unexpected has meant that I paid a few hundred euros more than necessary, credited back to my account in real time after telephone contact with the manager (also always reachable), absolutely impeccable

Created by: Maurizio MONESI
04-January-2018 08:30:33 PM

Cuba 2 persons - From 28APR17 to 05MAY17 - Tour Cuba

Profound connoisseurs of Cuba, even out of the classic tourist routes. Strongly recommended.

Created by: Monica Maffioli
07-October-2017 09:51:28 PM

Mexico - Private Tour 14 Nights Yucatan - 4 Persons - From 15AUG17 to 29AUG17

Dear Luca, returning from the trip we would like to thank you for the perfect organization!
Everything went perfectly like your descriptions. The guide Juan Carlos, who has also made us a driver for the entire trip, is a very reliable, well-prepared person and speaks perfectly different languages. He was a great traveling companion, always very attentive to all our requests and any needs. All the planned stages were interesting (perhaps a bit too many archaeological sites) especially the hotels of Mayaland insides the archaeological sites of Chichen Itza and Uxmal! Unforgettable the seaside stay at Sisal, a unique experience for the type of location and the total relaxation we have enjoyed. But the heat does not forgive !!
One advice, compared to our program, would take a night out in Campeche and add one to Merida, a city that is much more fascinating ...
Thank you again Luca for your perfect assistance and the beautiful trip!

Created by: Rossella De Palma
07-October-2017 03:40:57 PM

Cuba - 4 Persons - From 10AUG17 to 23AUG17

We just returned yesterday. The trip went awesome, we are happy; for my children it was the most beautiful trip, until now ... some inconvenience with car hire that we have solved;
We will visit you to thank and tell you everything.

Created by: Francesco Roman
07-October-2017 03:40:03 PM

Cuba - 1 Person - From 17JUN17 to 15JUL17

THANKS, PERFECT BOOKINGS, SOME PROBLEM WITH CAR HIRE (they arrived with 4 hours late, they did not have POS so I had to get cash, little things but annoy me. However, you offer me an EXCELLENT ORGANIZATION WITHOUT BREEDING.

Created by: Andrew Ace
01-July-2017 10:13:43 AM

Cuba - 1 person - From 30JUL17 to 04AUG17

Excellent service. Very attentive and helpful. I'd almost given up booking a hire car for my trip to Cuba (availability can be scarce), but Kiwee Travel went out of their way to find one for me. Highly recommended. They are based in Italy but have perfect English, excellent knowledge of Cuba, and good local contacts. UK customers can be confident they'll be well looked after.

Created by: Micol Norsa
12-June-2017 02:49:57 PM

Cuba - 3 persons - From 29MAY17 to 07JUN17

I found it great!
I had already been to Cuba in DIY, I turned to Kiwee travel not to make the mistakes of the first time.
Journey organized to the last, but they was able to accept all our requests and to advise us well and to make us Save costs.
Efficient and always kindly service.
Very reliable! We hope to contact you soon


Created by: Roberto Sarina
11-June-2017 11:54:23 PM

Cuba - 6 persons - From 21APR17 to 01MAY17

They helped organize our trip to Cuba in April.
They were very patient in welcoming our requests for a very personal trip.
Cordiality and accuracy their distinctive features.
Thanks again Kiwee-travel

Created by: Cecilia Quagliana
07-June-2017 12:50:37 PM

Cuba - 2 Persons - From 07APR to 25APR 2017

Efficient, serious and professional travel agency. We traveled for 18 days without any surprises. All very positive.
Cuba is beautiful and different from any other country.
Thanks Kiwee! Cecilia

Created by: Alessia DE SIMONI
10-May-2017 06:29:33 PM

Cuba - 8 persons - From 20DEC16 to 27DEC16 - ITINERARY WITH BUSES & TRANSFERS

The trip to Cuba was very nice.
The transfers were fabulous, from Havana to Cabo San Antonio we also had a tour guide (unexpected) who gave us various tips about the places we were crossing, vote 10.
About Cabo San Antonio is really far from Havana, we took about 7 hours and upon arrival there was a reservation for only 5 people and not for 8 (?). Luckily the availability did not lack and after a few stories we had our bungalows.
The bungalows are beautiful and they are definitely to recommend to people who like to be isolated from the world (they were ideal for me), vote 9. The food so and so, but the staff very polite, vote 7. Beware of small insects that have us Literally eaten and left unwell with itching (we are still under antihistamine), the normal Autan has no effect on them.
The hotel of Vinales Los Jazmines is a little decadent and our stay a bit too short to enjoy the landscape completely.
I hope these information can be useful to you.

Created by: Thaira GROM
03-May-2017 06:36:03 PM

Cuba - 4 persons - from 06DEC16 to 13DEC16

There are some trips, perhaps the most beautiful ones, which arise by chance, in a hurry, in indecision. So our Cuban adventure began that after the meeting with KiweeTravel it became an unforgettable holiday. It is a very serious Travel Agency and attentive to the needs of customers (we wanted the trip we would have organized by ourselves having had more time, Casas particular homes, rented cars, places not so touristics ... and so it was). I add that in addition to pre-departure assistance, once there is a local referral is available for any need. Thank you very much (... and I say that i'm not a person that usually leave reviews).

Created by: CHECCACCI Flavia Elena y ANGELINO Camilla
03-May-2017 06:31:15 PM

Cuba - 2 persons - from 28NOV16 to 12DEC16

We happened almost accidentally while trying to organize our first trip to Cuba ... We could not find a better place! They made us feel right and they knew how to "sew" us on the trip, listening and respecting our needs and our budget. Efficient Assistant even during our stay in Cuba. What do we say? .. thanks Kiwee and a special thanks to who has "endured" and "supported";)! Camilla and Flavia

03-May-2017 06:30:15 PM

Cuba - 3 persons - from 19NOV16 to 03DEC16

I've known this travel agency for several years, and ever since, cordiality and customer attention have been the rule. Again this time I found assistance and support, thank you for making our trip to Cuba possible!

Created by: Fulvio e Olivia Fossati
28-July-2016 02:01:08 PM

Cuba - 2 persons - from 06JUL16 to 16JUL16 - Car Hire

Holiday over, unfortunately. Everything beautiful and well

Thank you for your dedication and professionalism.

Fulvio and Olivia

Created by: Carlotta Actis Barone
24-July-2016 09:57:58 AM

Cuba - 1 person - From 18JUN16 TO 02JUL16

Hello Kiwee!

Thank you for your mail. I was already planning to write to you to thank you for a wonderful experience. Everything was perfectly organized, no delay, hotels magnificents! When I needed your reference in Cuba was extremely available and friendly. Perfect service! If you are on tripadvisor or somewhere I can write the review?

Thanks again for everything!


Created by: Pasquale Battaglia
11-June-2016 01:58:22 PM

Cuba - 2 persons - From 28MAY16 to 03JUN16

HAVANA AND VARADERO in 7 days. I was found Kiwee while surf on line, and I relied on Kiwee because I quickly realized that they have to do with a competent persons. During the relationship I was able to also appreciate its reliability.

I stayed at the Hotel NH Capri in the Capital, recently renovated, and the Hotel Havana Libre Varadero I choose the Melia Las Antillas. Suspending judgment on Hotel Havana Libre (I'm in love with this hotel and I could talk just fine even though the hotel should be renovated), I would recommend both the Hotel NH Capri, both Las Antillas.

I do not recommend to fly with Iberia (but I bought separately) in this Kiwee is not to blame because i bought separately. Before this experience I thought that our national airline was the worst in Europe but I found that the Spaniards outweigh us to different spans: between delays and canceled flights, it was a nightmare ...

Good Cuba Travel at all!

Created by: Ivano Lattuchella
11-June-2016 01:55:50 PM

Cuba - 1 person - from 15MAY to 20MAY16 - Hotel Telegrafo **** Old Havana

Good morning Kiwee, I wanted to inform you about my trip to Cuba. Everything ok, Hotel: Perfect location, great room and clean, friendly and helpful staff, breakfast sufficient ... but we can understand !! Thank you and see you soon!

View the Hotel: Hotel Telegrafo **** Havana Vieja

Created by: Antonio Vezzoni
11-June-2016 01:54:42 PM

Cuba - 2 persons from 03APR16 to 18APR16

Thanks to the advice and following Luca and Kenia's program of Kiwee Travel in Milan, me and my wife Rosaria, we had a fantastic two week holiday in Cuba.

The first week called "Tour Mar y Tierra" entrusted to Gaviota, (one of the most important Cuban tour operator), wandering from Havana until about mid-island, to know their cities like Havana, Vinales, Cienfuegos, Trinidad and Santa Clara, to mention the most important, and understand their customs and traditions, the history of the Cuban revolution Fidel Castro, Chè Guevara and the other heroes of the revolution against the dictatorship of the President Batista. We have seen a tobacco plantation and factory how they produce their famous cigars, or even produces their excellent rum, we saw large crops of sugar cane, the coffee and banana plantations and coconut palms, and even a crocodile farm.

In Havana we spent an evening nothing short of fantastic: after a dinner in an elegant restaurant in the embassies area, we went to a memorable concert of "Buena Vista Social Club. That unforgettable week, accompanied by Nelson (the guide) and Jesus (the driver), our guardian angels of Gaviota Tours, two people very kind and extremely available, with them we experienced the essence of the real Cuba, thanks guys, you've been real professionals.

The second week was really relaxing and fun beach holiday in a very, very nice hotel "Hotel Playa Cayo Santa Maria" a 5 star very well-maintained, beautiful tropical gardens, many pools suitable for all needs, and sea, ocean, beautiful, crystal clear water and white sand almost impalpable, a hotel with a real treat All Inclusive, where we ate and drank very well pampered by friendly staff and always available with a smile to satisfy our every needs.

Thank you Luca and Kenya. Thanks for this unforgettable holiday. And you Kenia, daughter of Cuba, you must be proud of your beautiful island.

Created by: Ernestina Beduschi
11-June-2016 01:51:34 PM

Cuba - 4 Persons - From 11FEB16 to 28FEB16

We turned to Kiwee Travel because it is one of the few specialized Cuba Travel agencies. Thanks to Luca, who has been very professional and competent due to the experience of the Cuban territory and that, together with Cuba's native Kenya, were able to give us tips and valuable tips for our trip both in the choice of housing that the places to visit. In addition they have provided the rental car with a driver who has been an additional guarantee for the success of the trip in terms of safety and reliability. Council therefore this agency to organize a trip to Cuba. The only advice is to not shrink at the last minute to organize your trip as, now more than ever, is a very popular destination and the best hotel accommodations are the most requested.

Thanks Luca and thanks Kenya.

Created by: Matteo Pinciroli
11-June-2016 01:50:01 PM

Cuba - 5 persons - From 23DEC15 to 05JAN16

It' was a great trip, we are very happy! I try to see you for to tell you, even maybe some little advice.  See you soon, Matteo

Created by: Dionisia Frediani
11-June-2016 01:48:17 PM

Cuba - 9 persons - From 21DEC15 to 30DEC15

We are very happy and satisfied with our trip to Cuba (except for some details). Maybe Saturday in the morning we will visit you!See you soon, Dionisia

Created by: Luigi Stazzone e Monica Maffioli
11-June-2016 01:46:29 PM

Cuba - 9 persons - From 16AUG15 to 29AUG15

I recover now from return to Florence and submersion in our daily life, very different from the Cuban ...

The trip went very well and, after the first impact with Havana and the difficulty to enter the Cuban rhythms, the experience was very interesting and fun.We underestimated the difficulties associated with lack of Internet communication, but this is alive and well, and the difficulty to pay with credit cards. So we've attended several times the queues at the banks ....Your suggestions were invaluable and in principle the program line has worked well, except for us in Sancti Spiritus to another hotel, because our being restructured, and the long night on the highway to return to Havana to Cayo Santa Maria.

But every difficulty is overcome by the extraordinary kindness of people and the magnificent places we have seen.We thank you very much for the assistance you have given us and I hope there will be another opportunity to travel resent.

Best regards, Monica

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