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Keluma S.r.l. It owns and operates Kiweetravel.com ™ and works in the field of online travel bookings as Travel Agents and Tour Operators. On Kiweetravel.com are booked every day International Flights, Hotels, Car hire, local land and air transfers, Tours, Excursions, and the website is visited by thousands of people every month for business reasons or pleasure. Established in 2014, Keluma S.r.l. It ensures the best access to any type of tourist service on Cuba. The Kiweetravel.com site is international: it is available in 3 languages (Italian, Spanish and English) Keluma S.r.l. It is headquartered in Brescia and with the operating office in Milano, in Italy, which makes available an online service of reservations of flights, accommodation, car hire and tourist services in general through its website, and is supported locally by various suppliers and correspondents. Keluma S.r.l. It is registered at the Chamber of Commerce of Brescia, Italy, with the number 552171. The VAT number is IT03653830988.

The Team

Kiweetravel.com boasts experienced professionals of the proposed destination, some of them were the authors of Tourist Guides Cuba and applications for smartphones for trip to Cuba. An experience and a knowledge of Cuba placed at the disposal of its individual clients and travel agents.

Our Mission

Offer people who travel for pleasure or business an easy way to select and book a trip even if composed of a flight, hotel, car hire, transfers and any other tourist service, whatever the budget. Offer ideas and the best support in the construction of a travel itinerary in Cuba from the shortest to the longest, but always meets expectations . We believe in the importance of the "details" that must structure the entire period of the journey not leaving out any hypothesis and/or solutions. Our success is given by your satisfaction, objective of our activities.

Our philosophy

Kiweetravel.com is an easy website to use and full of information. We offer the widest choice of flights and travel services for business or leisure travel to Cuba. Our team works from our operating office, in collaboration with partners, to ensure transparency, availability and great rates for all our customers. The team provides a dedicated multilingual service and attentive to meeting the expectations of our customers, every day from 9:30 am to 6:30 pm.

The advantages for our customers

The exceptional knowledge of Cuba
≡ The Kiwee Travel staff has excellent knowledge of the proposed target. Each staff member has frequently used or visited most of the structures and/or transport services proposed. He knows the best times to travel and can handle travel arrangements according to your expectations and budget.

No booking fees
≡ The reservation service is free with Kiweetravel.com. We do not charge any booking fees and there are no administration costs and/or units inscriptions. Exception made for intercontinental flights where it is expected to pay a Fee, in line with competitors.

Advantageous Terms & Conditions
≡ Until the 31th day you can cancel your trip without any penalty! Exception made for intercontinental flights where the terms and conditions are governed by the air carrier.

You Data Security
≡ When shopping on Kiweetravel.com, your payment is totally safe because managed through an encryption protocol SSL 3 certificate data. The symbols secure payment on your browser indicating that you are in safe mode. The payment is made directly on the server of our bank and Kiweetravel.com has not at any time access to details of the credit card. We guarantee your privacy with very high safety standards.
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